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Commerce Email renderings


Overview of the Commerce Email group, which contains renderings used to to display recommended products.

This topic describes the renderings accessible from the Commerce Email section in the Toolbox.

You use the Product Recommendations rendering when you want to suggest a list of products to a customer. You can do this as part of an email campaign using the Recommended Products email campaign template or you can do this from the Product Detail page, for example, on your storefront site using the Commerce Search Results rendering.


The Product Recommendations rendering is intended for email campaigns and must not be used on the storefront site.


The data source for the Product Recommendations rendering is retrieved from the Product Recommendations template /sitecore/Layout/Renderings/Feature/Commerce Experience Accelerator/Commerce Emails/Commerce Email. You can customize the recommended products email (/sitecore/Content/<tenant>/<site>/<site> Emails/Messages/2020/07/30T13074083/Recommended products/Message Root/Email recommended products) using the fields shown in the following image:


You can also customize the pipeline and provider for product recommendations.


After the customer has placed an order, there might be a delay when displaying product recommendations. This is due to the time required to process the updates in xDB. To troubleshoot, see the AbandonCurrentSession processor described in the Commerce Connect Developer Reference.