Engagement plans

Current version: 8.2

An engagement plan is a predefined plan that lets you control how your website interacts with some visitors. You use engagement plans to nurture relationships with your visitors by adapting communication to use the content, channels, and media that are appropriate for each individual interaction.

When you create an engagement plan, you create a system whereby a particular part of certain visitors’ online activity is subject to a set of rules and conditions that determine when specific actions are performed for these website visitors.

An engagement plan consists of:

  • States – the status of a website visitor, such as whether or not they have visited certain pages, achieved specific goals, performed specific actions, where they have come from, and so on.

  • Conditions – logic-based statements that you set which determine whether visitors in a specific state fulfill certain criteria. Conditions can relate to the visitor in general or this particular visit.

  • Rules – criteria that you define which determine whether a visitor fulfills a condition.

  • Triggers – events that determine when Sitecore should evaluate the conditions and rules associated with a state.

  • Actions – you set actions that should be taken when visitors meet or fail to meet the rules specified in a condition.

Planning an engagement plan

Before you can create an engagement plan, you should ensure that all of the elements that you need to make the plan function are in place. This could include specific pages, graphical elements, email messages, campaigns, and so on. You should also have a logical scenario that you want to implement.

Once you have all the elements in place, you can design an engagement plan that implements your scenario and seamlessly makes specific actions take place when visitors meet the conditions you specify.

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