Experience Analytics

Current version: 8.2

Sitecore Experience Analytics provides dashboards and reports for marketers and marketing analysts to identify patterns and trends in experience data collected from their websites and potentially other external data sources.

A sample Experience Analytics report:


When you open Experience Analytics for the first time, you see a dashboard page, which provides an overview of your experience data. There are several categories of reports, each containing different charts and graphs.

You can use experience data to analyze the performance, optimization, and the level of commitment of your website visitors and contacts by comparing metrics such as page views, conversion rates, and engagement value.

Marketers can view a dashboard, and multiple reports. They can also filter report data by date range or by website.


Although Sitecore provides sample marketing definition items, when you start a marketing plan or campaign, you must create your own taxonomy of marketing definition items.

After you create the definition items, you must deploy them and then create a custom report to help you interpret the data.

To perform more advanced tasks, developers can use Visual Studio and Sitecore Rocks to create new reports, edit, and add charts and graphs or create advanced filters.

Experience Analytics contains the following categories of reports:

  • Dashboard – provides an overview of key analytics by displaying a selection of charts and performance indicators.

  • Audience – helps you gain an understanding of who your visitors are.

  • Acquisition – shows you what is driving traffic to your website. For example, from campaigns and other marketing channels.

  • Behavior – helps you to analyze the behavior of your visitors. For example, by analyzing the effectiveness of your profiling and personalization strategy.

  • Conversions – the percentage of visitors that achieve a particular goal. This helps you understand how well your marketing efforts are working.


If you want to change or customize a standard report that comes with Experience Analytics, it is best practice to copy an existing report, customize it and then rename it.

This is due to possible changes in standard reports in future versions of Sitecore.

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