Delete variants of a component

Current version: 9.0

You can delete variants of a component either individually or all at once.


We recommend that you do not remove variants of a component on a page while the page is in an active test. To end an active test and use the original experience, cancel the test from the Test Result dialog box.

Delete one variant of a component

To delete one variant of a component:

  • In the Test the Component dialog box, on the section header for the variant, click Actions, and then click Delete.

    The Actions menu for a variant in the Test the Component dialog box.

Delete all variants except the original

To delete all variants except the original:

  • At the bottom of the Test the Component dialog box, click Remove All and Close.

    The Remove All and Close link in the Test the component dialog box.

The variants are removed and the Test the Component dialog box closes. The original component remains.

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