Experience Manager


Run Sitecore in CMS-only mode without the Experience Database

Experience Manager (CMS-only mode) allows you to run Sitecore XP without the Experience Database (xDB) enabled or purchasing xDB licenses.

With Experience Manager, you can use Sitecore to create, manage, and publish content to your websites.

To run Experience Manager, you must have:

  • Sitecore XP 8.1 or later.

  • SQL server.

  • A server environment that has a content management and a content delivery server.

  • A valid Experience Manager Sitecore license.


Experience Manager can also work in a single-instance configuration, when the instance acts as a content management and content delivery server.

To run Experience Manager, you must set the Xdb.enabled configuration setting to false in the Sitecore.Xdb.config configuration file.

When xDB.enabled is set to false, you do not have any access to the reporting or collection databases. Any functionality that depends on the xDB for data collection is not available and a number of applications in the Sitecore Experience Platform cannot run.


You can implement some in-session personalization rules, such as ones based on IP Geolocation, to provide personalized content to your contacts. You cannot, however, implement personalization rules based on historical data, like outcomes or past goals triggered, because the xDB stores that information.

With Experience Manager, Sitecore XP applications and functionality can be described as:

  • Fully compatible

  • Compatible with limited functionality

  • Incompatible

Fully compatible

The following features can run Experience Manager without any changes:

  • Content editing in the Experience Editor

  • Device detection

  • IP Geolocation detection

  • Experience Explorer

Compatible with limited functionality

The following features can run Experience Manager with limitations:

  • Campaign Creator – runs without analytics functionality.

  • Commerce Connect – currently incompatible, but will run with limited functionality in future releases.

  • Personalization – in-session personalization works, while personalization based on historical data is unavailable.

  • Web Forms For Marketers.

  • Sitecore Forms – runs without analytics functionality.


The following features are incompatible with Experience Manager:

  • Content testing

  • Email Experience Manager

  • Experience Analytics

  • Experience Profile

  • List Manager

  • Path Analyzer

  • Segmentation

  • Federated Experience Manager

  • Marketing Automation