Engagement functionality in SXA Storefront

Current version: 9.1

SXA Storefront takes full advantage of the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework (shown in the following figure) by:

  • Collecting intelligence on customer behavior, registering outcomes, goals, and page events.

  • Providing rules for personalizing the individual customer experience based on intelligence collected about customer behavior.

When you use the Storefront site template, functionality for analytics and personalization is automatically set up and enabled.


SXA Storefront inherits the analytics functionality that is built into Commerce Connect, and Sitecore registers:

  • A monetary outcome as well as a goal when an order is submitted, where the monetary outcome is a dynamic value dependent on the order value.

  • A page event when a category or product page is visited.

  • A page event whenever one of the following entities is updated: Shopping Cart, Customer and User account, Inventory, and Gift Cart.

  • A search page event whenever a search is executed.

Commerce Connect provides  aggregated reports across contacts with its integration into xAnalytics.


The following personalization rule conditions are available:

  • Shopping cart total amount compares to [Amount].

  • Shopping cart total quantity compares to [QTY].

  • Shopping cart contains product [P].

  • The contact has triggered page event E within the last D days.

  • Specific product P stock count compares to [QTY] (and by location).

  • Current product stock count compares to [QTY] (and by location).

  • Current product stock status equals [Status] (and by location).

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