The Toolbox

Current version: 9.2

To take advantage of changes in the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), SXA Storefront includes updated renderings, which are detailed in the following table.




Commerce Navigation

Category Navigation

The Commerce Navigation rendering supports responsive design and targets items in content.

It requires direct navigation to be enabled because it targets items in the content instead of using the index.

Commerce Search Results

Product List and Promoted Products

The Commerce Search Results rendering uses the search signature and queries the index to retrieve items.

The following tables describe the commerce-specific renderings available in the Toolbox.

Commerce Account




Commerce Account

Address Editor

Use the Address Editor rendering to enable the customer to add a new address, edit an existing address, or delete an address from the address book.

Address List

Use The Address List rendering to display the customer's shipping and billing addresses. For example, this rendering is used on the Account Management page in the SXA Storefront template.

Change Password

Use the Change Password rendering to validate the password and redirects the customer to a new page or displays a message confirming that the password has been changed.

Forgot Password

Use the Forgot Password rendering to enable the customer to enter an email address, which is validated by the system, and then a random password and a link to the Change Password is sent.


Use the Login rendering to enable a returning customer who has already  registered an account to access their account once again.

Profile Editor

Use the Profile Editor rendering to enable the customer to edit their profile information including first name, last name, telephone number, and email address.

Profile View

Use the Profile View rendering to display the email address for the current customer account.


Use the Registration rendering to insert a registration form for your website.

Commerce Cart




Commerce Cart

Add to Cart

Use the Add to Cart rendering to let the customer add the current product to the shopping cart.


Use the Minicart rendering to display a summary of the contents of the shopping cart. You use the Minicart rendering on catalog and product pages.

Promotion Codes

Use the Promotion Codes rendering to enable the customer to enter discount codes for their order.

Shopping Cart Lines

Use the Shopping Cart Lines rendering to display the content of the shopping cart with a line for each product item.

Shopping Cart Total

Use the Shopping Cart Total rendering to summarize the total amounts for the shopping cart contents.

Commerce Catalog




Commerce Catalog

Catalog item Container

Use the Catalog Item Container rendering on a landing page to set a product item as the data source for a group of catalog renderings.

Category Navigation

Use the Category Navigation rendering to display the top-level categories of your product catalog (in a menu or navigation bar for example).

Commerce Navigation

Use the Commerce Navigation rendering when you want to target items in content to retrieve menu items instead of using the index. This rendering requires direct navigation. It supports multiple menu levels, rendering variants, and responsive design.

Product Bundle

Use the Product Bundle rendering to display related products and services sold together as a group.

Product Facets

Use the Product Facets rendering on the category page to display a list of available facets for the currently selected category.

Product Images

Use the Product Images rendering to display thumbnail images for each image related to the selected product.

Product Information

Use the Product Information rendering to display the product title, description, and item number.

Product Inventory

Use the Product Inventory rendering to display the current stock status and number of items in stock as [stock status] / [stock count].

Product List

Use the Product List rendering to display a list of products with the product image and price, and a link to the product page.

Product List Items per Page

Use the Product List Items per Page rendering to enable the customer to select the number of items displayed per page.

Product List Page Info

Use the Product List Page Info rendering to display the total number of items in the category or search and indicate which items from the list are shown on the current page.

Product List Pager

Use the Product List Page rendering to enable the customer to navigate through the product list.

Product List Sorting

Use the Product List Sorting rendering to enable the customer to sort the category or product list.

Product Price

Use the Product Price rendering to display the product price. If the product is on sale, the discounted price is displayed, and the original price is displayed with a strikethrough font.

Product Variants

Use the Product Variants rendering to display a drop-down menu for each variant field (for example, one for size and one for color).

Promoted Products

Use the Promoted Products rendering to display a list of products in a format similar to the Product List rendering.

Search Initiated, Visited Category Page, and Visited Product Page

Use the Search Initiated, Visited Category Page, and Visited Product Page renderings to track visitor behavior. Each of these renderings makes an individual call to the Commerce Connect API to trigger an associated page event in xDB.

Subcategory Navigation

Use the Subcategory Navigation rendering to display a list of the subcategories of the selected top-level category.

Commerce Checkout




Commerce Checkout


Use the Billing rendering to enable the customer specify payment information.


Use the Deivery rendering to enable the customer to specify where and how items are shipped. By default, delivery is the first visible step in the checkout process.

Order Confirmation

Use the Order Confirmation to confirm that the customer order has been submitted.


Use the Review rendering to enable the customer to review and confirm the order.

Start Checkout

Use the Start Checkout rendering to enable the customer to initiate the checkout process.

Step Indicator

Use the Step Indicator to show progress through the steps of the checkout process.

Commerce Orders




Commerce Orders

Order History and Recent Orders

Use the Order History rendering and the Recent Orders rendering to provide order details for the customer to review.

Order Header, Order Lines, and Order Total

Use the Order Header, Order Lines, and Order Total renderings to display details and totals for the order.

Commerce Shared




Commerce Shared

Language Selector

Use the Language Selector rendering to enable customers to select the language that they want to see on the storefront and in Commerce emails.

Message Summary

Use the Message Summary rendering to display messages that have been triggered by other renderings and pushed to the Message Summary. 

Search Bar

Use the Search Bar rendering to display a text box with placeholder text and a search button identified by a looking-glass icon.

Top Links Bar

Use the Top Bar Links rendering to display a number of links for the customer.

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