Experience Profile configuration

Current version: 9.2

The Experience Profile is one of the core Sitecore applications that is available from the Sitecore Launchpad, so there is nothing to install. If you have the appropriate permissions, the Experience Profile works straight out of the box. However, if you have not configured any content profiles, goals, or campaigns in Sitecore, the experience data that you see will not be very meaningful.


Before you can start using the Experience Profile:

  • Create and set up a new role that uses the Analytics Reporting role (security administrator task).

  • Configure Sitecore digital marketing functionality. For example, if you have not implemented a profiling strategy, set goals, created campaigns and engagement plans, or had any site visits then there will only be a limited amount of information available about your contacts.

If you do not configure any experience marketing functionality, you will still be able to see a list of contacts (visitors) but you will only see general information about these contacts, such as the external keywords used and general session information. Without some key metrics, such as goal conversions or engagement value accumulated, it is difficult for sales staff to determine the levels of commitment exhibited by the contact and whether they are likely to become a future customer.

To configure Sitecore XP to work with the Experience Profile, you need to follow a series of steps that require careful planning. You may want to configure Sitecore XP to create profiles, implement predictive personalization, set goals, or set up MV tests.

To preconfigure Sitecore for the Experience Profile:

  • Evaluate your website

  • Create personas in the Sitecore Marketing Center

  • Create and configure profile cards

  • Allocate profile values to the content on your website

  • Create and configure a set of pattern cards

  • Create goals

  • Create campaigns

  • Configure personalization

  • Create automation plans

  • Collect visits on your website

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