Add or remove an attachment


Add attachments to your messages.

When you add an attachment to your email campaign, you can add the same attachment to all the different language versions or just a single language version.

To add an attachment to a message:

  1. Open a message and in the Email campaign info pane to the right, next to Attachments,click View.

    In the Email campaign info pane, click View
  2. In the Attachments dialog box, click the + icon. 

    Click + to add an attachment
  3. In the Add Attachment dialog box, click Browse for files, click the file that you want to add and then click Open.


    You can upload multiple attachments at the same time. The total size of all the attachments must not exceed 7Mb.

  4. When you have added all the relevant attachments, in the Add Attachment dialog box, click Upload.


    If you have multiple variants of your message, the attachment is added to all the variants in the same language and to every new variant that you create.

  5. If there are multiple language versions of the message, a notification appears asking you if you want to add the attachment to all the language versions.

  6. Close the Add Attachment dialog box.

When you remove an attachment from a message with multiple language versions, the attachment is only removed from the currently selected language version. When you remove an attachment from a message with multiple variants, the attachment is removed from all variants.

To remove an attachment from a message:

  1. Open the relevant message. If the message has multiple language versions, click the Language button D0C30A9665CF4CE484271CF6CAEE0C6E.png and click the relevant language version.

  2. In the Message Info pane on the right, click View.

  3. In the Add Attachment dialog box, select the attachments that you want to delete and click Remove attachmentD4775F22F8A94018BA1F6C73DA612B63.png.

  4. Click Close.