Create a list in the Email Experience Manager


Create a list of recipients from EXM.

You can create lists of your recipients from the Email Experience Manager (EXM) or the List Manager (LM). When you create lists in EXM, you are using LM functionality. In this way, lists in EXM and LM are stored in the same place and they are all available from both applications.

To create a list in EXM:

  1. Open EXM and click Create.

  2. From the Create List column, click the type of list that you want to create:

    • Recipient list from filecreate a contact list and import the recipients from a CSV file.

    • Recipient list from existing list – create a contact list that is based on an existing contact list.

    • Empty recipient list – create an empty contact list that you can use to add recipients to automatically, for example, from a subscription form.

    • Segmented list from all recipients – create a segmented list with all contacts included as the list source.

    • Segmented list from existing list – create a segmented list that is based on an existing contact list.

    Create list 35 and 90+.png

When your list is created, you can add or exclude the list on the Recipients tab of a specific email campaign.