Create an overlay link

Current version: 1.7

Overlays let you work with on-screen prompts without leaving the page you are on. You can use overlays for focused interaction with your website visitor, using content boxes that draw attention, for example, to promote your newsletter, a product announcement, or one of your other websites. Any SXA rendering that can contain links can be set to display these links in an overlay view.

Example of what happens when you click an overlay link

When you create your site, you must select the overlay option.

Set the overlay properties

To set the overlay properties:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to sitecore/Content/Tenant/Site/Home/Overlays and click Overlay Content.

  2. In the Overlay properties section, specify the height and width of the overlay screen in either pixels or percentage.

    Specify the overlay properties

To create a link that opens in overlay:

  1. In the Experience Editor, drag a rendering that can contain links to the page.

  2. To make a link display in overlay:

    • For rich text fields, to display one of your content items as an overlay, select the text that you want to be a link and click Hyperlink Manager. In the Hyperlink Manager dialog box, on the Hyperlink tab, select the Open in Overlay check box.

      Set up a link to open in overlay
    • To refer, for example, to an external website, use the Styles settings of a rendering. In the Control Properties dialog box, in the Common section, select Links Shown in Overlay.

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