Add a form

Current version: 1.9

Form renderings make it easy to embed a form anywhere on your webpages. Before you can select a form, you must add the wrapper for either the Sitecore Forms module or the Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM) module. In the Experience Editor, you can add a rendering to the page by dragging it from the Toolbox.

To add a form to a page:

  1. Open the Toolbox. In the Forms section, click the Sitecore Form Wrapper or the WFFM Form Wrapper. When you click and start dragging a rendering, the placeholders where you can drop the rendering light up in blue.

  2. Position the wrapper above the desired placeholder, and when the placeholder lights up, drop it on the page.

  3. Now the MVC Form rendering is available in the Toolbox. Drag it to the wrapper on the page.

    Drag the MVC form rendering to the page
  4. In the Select the Associated Content dialog box, select the form that you want to display on the page and click OK.

    The form is now displayed on the page.

    Example of the form on the page

    If you upgrade to SXA 1.8 and experience problems with forms on existing SXA sites, you might need to add the Forms Scripts meta component. This script is added by default to a metadata partial design of all newly created sites, however, for upgraded SXA sites, you must add it manually. The Forms Scripts component is available from the Toolbox when you edit a meta partial design.

    In the Experience Editor, click Partial Design and click Metadata. In the SXA Toolbox, in the Forms category, drag and drop the Forms Scripts component before the closing /body tag of the page.

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