Monitoring the health of web roles


Overview of the health check endpoints of Sitecore web roles.

Applies to

Content Delivery, Content Management, EXM Dispatch, xDB Processing, xDB Reporting, Marketing Automation Operations service, Marketing Automation Reporting service, Reference Data service, Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Table Storage service , Sitecore Cortex™ Processing Blob Storage service, Sitecore Cortex™ Reporting service, xConnect Collection service, and Connect Collection Search service.

You can monitor the availability of web roles using endpoints. This is called a health check, and the endpoints uses HTTP status codes and text messages to reveal whether the roles are healthy or if they are having problems. Read more about the Microsoft.Extensions.Diagnostics.HealthChecks namespace at Microsoft.


Even if a role claims to be healthy it might be unavailable due to internal issues.

Liveness health check

A liveness health check shows you whether a role is online and can be reached. You can monitor the role's liveness at http://<role instance name>/healtz/live, which returns the following codes and messages: