Introduction to the Horizon editing tools in Sitecore Experience Platform.

Horizon is the next-generation editor in Sitecore Experience Platform. Horizon comprises two editing tools where you can create and edit content.

  • Pages combines editing and design capabilities. Here you view the page as it will appear on your website when you publish it. You can add components to the page, and you can write and edit content directly on the page. The content tree only contains items with a presentation layer (pages).

  • Content is an editing tool that lets you work with content independent of presentation. The content tree contains all of the content items for the selected site. You can edit all of the fields on an item, and you can see meta data for the fields.

After you install Horizon, the Horizon tile appears on the launchpad.

The Horizon tile on the launchpad

When you click the Horizon tile on the launchpad, Pages opens, and you can navigate to Content from there.

The Horizon editor screen layout

The three main areas of the page editor screen.

A - The left-hand pane displays the content tree. In Content, the content tree contains all content items for the current site. In Pages, the content tree contains the pages for the current site. When you create items in the content tree or add renderings to a page, the left-hand pane displays a panel specific to the current task.

B - When you select a page or item in the content tree, it is displayed in the content area in the middle of the screen.

C - The right-hand pane contains information about the selected item. This can be an item in the content tree, or it can be a field, rendering or placeholder. You use the right-hand pane to carry out actions such as changing the workflow status of an item or applying formatting to rich text fields.