The editing tools

Current version: 10.0

In Sitecore, there are two editing tools where you can create and edit the content on your website:

  • The Content Editor – an application that is designed for more experienced content authors who are familiar with Sitecore and the functionality that it contains.

  • The Experience Editor – an intuitive editing environment that is designed for content editors who want to edit and write content directly on the page.

In the Content Editor and the Experience Editor, the items that make up your website are presented in very different ways. In the Content Editor, the items are objects in the content tree and when you select an item, you can edit its fields. In the Experience Editor, the items are presented as they look on the website and you can edit them directly on the page.

For example, in the Content Editor, the Services item of a sample website looks like this:

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When you click the Services item in the content tree, the Content tab displays the Services item's field values, which you can also edit. If you want to edit another item, you must click the item in the content tree.

In the Experience Editor, you see the Services item presented as it looks on your website:

The Services item in the Experience Editor

You can edit all of the items on the page – text, graphics, logos, links, and so on, even if they do not belong to the selected item.

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