Horizon Pages

Current version: 10.0

Pages is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to easily make changes to items directly on the page. You can edit all the items that are visible on the page — text, graphics, logos, and so on.

The content tree in Pages contains pages and other items that have a presentation layer.

In Pages, you can edit the fields of the current page and the fields of any items rendered on the page. For instance, if the menu on the page consists of titles of the product items, you can edit the titles without navigating to the product items themselves.

Pages includes the following features:

  • The page editor, which you use to create and edit web pages. As you edit a page, you can see how it will appear on different devices.

  • Simulator mode, which you use to preview web pages as they will appear on different dates and on different devices.

  • Insights view, which you use to see analytics for your web pages.

  • The field editor, which you can use to edit all fields, including fields that are not visible on the page.

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