Access the Managed Cloud Standard portals


Find the right configuration for your Sitecore topology and Managed Cloud Premium service.

With Sitecore Managed Cloud, you receive everything you need to access your environment when Sitecore completes provisioning. Use this documentation to learn how to use the Azure portal and log in to your content management portal.

When you request a Managed Cloud Standard environment, you must use the credentials for your Microsoft Live account to log in to the Azure portal. To log in to the Azure portal:

  • Go to the Azure portal and use the Microsoft Live account credentials that you used when you requested a Managed Cloud Standard environment.

Through the Azure portal, you can:

  • Get the URL that you need to log in to Sitecore and access your Sitecore content management site, for example,

  • Reset your deployment credentials.

  • Restart your website or application.

  • Access logs.


You cannot delete your application or website through the Azure portal. To delete your application, contact Sitecore Support.

The Azure portal contains the URL for your content management site. You use the URL to log in to the Sitecore portal.

To log in to your content management portal:

  1. Log in to the Azure portal using the credentials for your Microsoft Live account.

  2. Click Resource Groups then select from the list the group that contains the Sitecore application that you want to access.

  3. In the Device list, select the device name that is similar to "{appname}-cm", where "cm" refers to the content management instance. Ensure the device type is App Service.

  4. In the App Service overview, go to the URL column and locate the content management website URL. The URL should look similar to

  5. To verify that the site loads as expected, enter the URL of your content management website in another browser window.

  6. To open the Sitecore login page, add /sitecore/login to the end of the URL. The URL should look similar to

  7. Enter your Sitecore credentials, and click Log in.