Topologies and tiers for Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium

Current version: 10.0

Use the topology tables in the Managed Cloud Premium documentation on Rackspace to learn about the different Sitecore XP environments for the Sitecore Managed Cloud service and their related Azure components.


This topic only applies to Managed Cloud Premium solutions hosted on Rackspace.

The documentation includes topologies for:

  • Experience Manager (XM1 through to XM5 / Extra Small - Extra Large)

  • Experience Platform (XP0 through to XP5 / Single - Extra Large)

  • Experience Database (xDB1 through to xDB5 / Single - Extra Large)

The topologies include information on the following:

  • Visits per month

  • Page views per month

  • Content Management server - Azure Web App

  • Content Delivery server - Azure Web App

  • xDB Processing service - Azure Web App

  • xDB Reporting service - Azure Web App

  • Core DB – SQL Azure

  • Master DB – SQL Azure

  • Web DB – SQL Azure

  • Analytics DB – SQL Azure

  • Monitoring - Azure App Insights

  • Session State - Redis Cache

  • Azure Traffic Manager - DNS Queries

  • Health checks

  • Bandwidth

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