Pricing service

Current version: 10.0

The Pricing service is provided by the Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Pricing plugin.

The Commerce Pricing Service enables flexible, extensible, and dynamic pricing scenarios based on date, tiers, or aspects of the customer’s environment. For example, the service actively calculates prices as the customer views products or services during an order.

Pricing capabilities include:

  • Dynamic pricing – actively calculates prices in real time based on input from customers (e.g., actions they take on the storefront). Actively calculates the List Price and Sell Price available for the customer, based on a set of conditions and policies.

  • Is/Was pricing – calculates and displays to customers both the List Price (for example, MSRP) and a Sell Price (for example, a special discounted price) based on a set of conditions. A List Price could be displayed to the customer in struck-out font, to reinforce the savings with the current price.


Some regions or countries have laws regulating the display of regular versus sale prices, for example, preventing the elevation of the regular price; the Sitecore XC software does not enforce such laws.

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