Introduction to Managed Cloud


Learn more about Sitecore's cloud-based hosting service.

Sitecore Managed Cloud is a hosting service that enables customers to deploy Sitecore Experience Manager (XM), Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), and Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) on Microsoft Azure. It is an alternative to running the Sitecore platform on premises or via the public cloud. With Sitecore Managed Cloud, Sitecore actively monitors, manages, and maintains both the infrastructure and the applications.


This documentation describes how to deploy Sitecore on Microsoft Azure with Docker Containers with Kubernetes. If you are deploying with Azure App Services (PaaS), please refer to this managed Cloud documentation version instead.

Sitecore Managed Cloud comes with a comprehensive infrastructure design with all components necessary to run Sitecore XM and Sitecore XP at scale. Sitecore Managed Cloud provides the following benefits:

  • Support for Sitecore XM, Sitecore XP.


    Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) support is currently only available in Managed Cloud Premium.

  • Full access to Sitecore instances and the ability to deploy custom code.

  • Deploy Sitecore on Docker Containers with Kubernetes across a multitude of global data centers.

  • Focus on achieving business results faster, while constraining costs and ensuring the highest security and brand reliability

  • Monitoring and support for production deployments.

  • Integrated support for the Sitecore platform and hosting solution.

  • Set of infrastructure services and add-ons available within a service catalog.

Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard services

On Sitecore Knowledge Base, you can read more about the Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard services, including: