Promotions – qualifications

Current version: 10.1

Sitecore XC supports the following qualifications when defining a promotion.

Product qualifications

Related to product inventory:

  • Inventory Item Stock Count in [specific] Location [compares] to [specific value]?

  • Is Item in Stock?

  • Is Item in Stock in [specific] Location?

  • Is Item Out of Stock?

  • Is Item Out of Stock in [specific] Location?

  • Is Item Pre-orderable?

  • Is Item Pre-orderable in [specific] Location?

  • Is Item Back-orderable?

  • Is Item Back-orderable in [specific] Location?

Cart qualifications

Applied at the cart level:

  • Is Cart Item Available?

  • Is Cart Item [specific] Quantity Available?

  • Cart Has Items?

  • Cart Any Item Has Template [compares] to [specific] Product Template?

  • Cart Any Item Subtotal [compares] to [specific value]?

  • Cart Subtotal [compares] to [specific value]?

  • Cart Has Fulfillment?

Cart line qualifications

Applied at the cart line level:

  • Cart Item has [specific] tag?

  • Cart Item Quantity [compares] to [specific value]?

  • Cart Item Quantity is in [min] [max] Range?

  • Cart Item Subtotal [compares] to [specific value]?

Shopper qualifications

Related to an existing registered shopper:

  • Is Cart Contact Registered?

  • Is Cart Contact Currency [specific value]?

  • Is Cart Contact Customer Id [specific value]?

  • Is Cart Contact Language [specific value]?

Shopper history qualifications

Related to the transaction history of the current shopper:

  • Current Customer Has Purchased [specific] Item?

  • Current Customer Has Purchased Item with [specific] Tag?

  • Current Customer Orders Count [compares] to [specific value]?

  • Current Customer Orders Total [compares] to [specific value]?

Environment qualifications

Related to the current date:

  • Current Date Has Passed?

  • Is Current Day?

  • Is Current Month?

Shop context qualifications

Related to a particular shop:

  • Is Shop Currency [specific value]?

  • Is Shop Language [specific value]?

  • Is Shop Name [specific value]?

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