xConnect purging tool

Current version: 10.1

The purging tool lets you clean up unused analytical data to release the space and remove irrelevant data.

The purging tool lets you:

  • Purge contacts that did not interact with the site for a specified amount of days, anonymous contacts, or contacts filtered by custom conditions.

You can initiate a purge task through a Web API request or the DevEx CLI xConnect plugin.


Create a backup for the collection database before a purge task is registered. After creating a purge task, there is no immediate ability to cancel or pause the task. You might lose some of the data due to purging after a cancellation.

Technical details

The purging tool uses the Cortex Processing Engine and contact data extraction to extract data from the collection database and deletes filtered contacts through the client API.

Scalable Reads and the purging tool

The purge process consists of two steps:

  • Extract data in batches from the collection database.

  • Delete contacts based on the provided options.

You can optimize the purge process by enabling the Scalable Reads feature on xConnect.

Scalable Reads can route data extraction processes to the secondary node of the replicated collection database. When deleting data, operations run against the primary node.

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