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Right to restrict processing


Introduction to individuals invoking their right to restriction of processing but not their right to erasure.

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This Privacy Guide provides technical guidance on how your developers can choose to configure your Sitecore product implementation to support you with data privacy compliance. This guide does not provide exhaustive guidance, and should not be construed or used as legal advice about the content, interpretation, or application of any law or regulation. You, the customer, will always be in the best position to assess your own risks, and must seek your own legal counsel to understand the applicability of any law or regulation to your business, including how you process personal information. Your resulting implementation is based entirely on your own configuration choices.

The right to restriction of processing concerns the individual’s right to restrict the use of personal information by the controller without necessarily invoking the right to erasure. Depending on how your organization chooses to interpret the right to restriction of processing, the Sitecore product offers the following options: