Rename a custom Commerce MA plan

Current version: 10.2

When you create a MA campaign in Sitecore, Sitecore automatically appends a GUID to the MA campaign name. This also applies when you create a custom Commerce MA campaign. The naming convention for a Commerce MA campaign is shopName+" "+templateName. If your custom MA campaign does not follow this naming convention, the campaign cannot apply on your storefront.

After you create a custom Commerce MA campaign, you must rename it to remove the appended GUID to conform to the naming convention.

To rename a custom Commerce MA plan:

  1. In Sitecore Content Editor, browse to /sitecore/system/Marketing Control Panel/Automation Plans. The marketing automation plans are displayed.


    Alternatively, depending on the version of Sitecore you are using, you might have to enable Buckets view to browse to your Commerce MA plan.

  2. Click the name of the custom Commerce MA plan with a GUID appended. The Commerce MA plan configuration window opens.

  3. In the MA plan configuration window, click the name of the plan. The Rename dialog box opens.

  4. In the Rename dialog box, remove the GUID from the plan name, then click OK. In the following example, you can see the GUID that you must remove from the plan name.

    The marketing automation plan name displayed with the appended GUID in the Marketing Automation plan window.
  5. Click Save.

  6. Perform a smart publish to propagate your changes to the Sitecore Web database.

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