Sitecore XC solution components

Current version: 10.2

Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC) is an e-commerce solution, built on the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). Whether deployed on-premises or in Azure using containers, the Sitecore XC solution enables marketers and merchandisers to fully personalize the end-to-end shopping experience.

The following figure shows a logical representation of the Sitecore XC solution components.

A logical representation of the Sitecore XC solution components.

Commerce Connect Core — the Sitecore XP commerce API(s) for storefront developers. This is the integration layer between a front-end webshop solution and a back-end commerce system.

Commerce Engine (CE) Connect — a connector that enables integration between the Commerce Connect Core layer and Commerce Engine.

Commerce Engine — a thin ASP.NET core application that hosts commerce services such as catalogs, inventory, pricing, promotions, customers, and orders.

Business Tools — a set of tools for merchandisers and customer service representatives to access and manage commerce services. The Business Tools communicate directly with the Commerce Engine, after successful authentication by the Identity Server.

Identity Server — Sitecore’s federated authentication service provider, for authenticating to the Business Tools and Commerce Engine.

SXA Storefront — a sample storefront website for customers and shoppers, integrates and displays all commerce-related information on the site. The storefront communicates with the Commerce Engine through Commerce Engine Connect.

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