Wish lists

Current version: 10.2


You can find all configuration for the wish list subsystem in the Sitecore.Commerce.WishLists.config file. Here you will find all details for the entities, pipelines, and repositories used by the wish list system.


The default wish list entities for Commerce Connect only assume some of the basic wish list information that will be used across all commerce systems; it is expected that you will need to extend these entities.

You can extend the following three entities defined in the Connect system for the wish list:

  • WishList - represents a wish list and associated line items.

  • WishListHeader - represents a summary of a wish list; contains information such as name, customerId, and isFavorite.

  • WishListLine - represents a line item in a wish line; contains information such as quantity and assigned product.

To extend any of these default entities,  you create a new class that inherits from the appropriate type, and then patch the appropriate entity under commerce.Entities in the Sitecore.Commerce.WishLists.config file.


There are numerous pipelines for wish lists that allow most basic functionality.

For example:

  • The  getWishList and getWishLists pipelines - used to retrieve wish lists.

  • The  createWishListdeleteWishList and updateWishList pipelines - used to create, delete, and update wish lists.

  • The  addLinesToWishList, updateWishListLines, and removeWishListLines pipeline -  used to manipulate line items.

  • The  emailWishList and printWishList pipelines -  used to extend functionality.


For more information, see the Commerce Connect Developer Reference.

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