Sitecore XP feature compatibility when the xDB is disabled

Current version: 10.3

When you disable the xDB, any functionality that depends on data collection will be unavailable and a number of applications will not run. However, some Sitecore XP features - such as limited in-session personalization - are available if you choose to enable tracking.

Sitecore XP applications and functionality are classified as:

  • Fully compatible

  • Compatible with limited functionality

  • Incompatible

Fully compatible

The following features will run without any changes when the xDB is disabled:

  • Content editing in the Experience Editor

  • Device detection

  • IP Geolocation detection

  • Commerce Connect

Compatible with limited functionality

The following features will run with limitations when the xDB is disabled:

  • Campaign Creator – runs without analytics functionality.

  • Personalization – in-session personalization works, while personalization based on historical data is unavailable.

  • Web Forms For Marketers.

  • Sitecore Forms – runs without analytics functionality.


The following features are not available when the xDB is disabled:

  • Content testing

  • Email Experience Manager

  • Experience Analytics

  • Experience Explorer

  • Experience Profile

  • Federated Experience Manager

  • List Manager

  • Path Analyzer

  • Segmentation

  • Marketing Automation

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