Embeddable Forms Framework

Current version: 10.3

With the Embeddable Forms Framework (EFF), you can display a Sitecore form on any webpage, including pages that are not running on a Sitecore application. The embedded form does not affect any of the functionality or styles on the page.


EFF has the following prerequisites:

  • Sitecore 10.3.0 or later to host the Layout Service and the submission endpoint.

  • Sitecore Headless Services 21.0.0 or later to provide the Layout Service and the submission endpoint.

Working with EFF

To add an embeddable form to a webpage, you must first add a reference to the EFF script, then add a web component tag for the Sitecore form.

To display a custom form element in an embeddable form, you must create a class that renders the custom form element, then reference this class on the webpage that contains your embeddable form.

Tools and frameworks

EFF uses the following software development tools and frameworks:

  • Lit – a lightweight library to quick-start development of web components with a declarative templating system, scoped styles, and state management.

  • Tailwind CSS – a CSS framework with a comprehensive set of highly reusable CSS classes. This minimizes the amount of custom CSS that you must define. It can scan source codes and trim unnecessary CSS class definitions, to achieve the smallest possible final CSS stylesheet for production use.


EFF supports the following ARIA attributes:

  • aria-live="polite" – added to the root element of every field.

  • aria-relevant="additions text" – added to the root element of every field.

  • aria-labelledby="<field-id>-<field-root-element-name>" – added to the input element of every field.

EFF works with narration tools such as Screen Reader.


Some xDB-exclusive features are not available in EFF including:

  • Trigger Goal submit action.

  • Trigger Campaign Activity submit action.

  • Trigger Outcome submit action.

  • Performance Tracking.

  • Robot Detection.

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