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Webhook submit action configuration fields


Overview of the webhook submit action fields.

This topic describes the webhook submit action fields.

You can configure a webhook submit action by configuring the fields in the Data and Information sections of the webhook.

A webhook submit action contains the following configurable fields:




Determines whether the webhook is enabled. If you select the check box, the webhook is active and sends requests. If you clear the check box, the webhook is disabled and does not send requests.


Defines the URL to send requests. We recommend that you use a secure HTTPS URL.

Serialization Type

Defines the payload request type. The available formats are JSON and XML. JSON is selected by default. For XML requests, the default root element is event.


Defines the authorization item for the webhook. The drop-down menu contains all available authorization items. If the URL does not require authentication, leave this field blank.


Optional text field to describe the webhook.