Enable communication with the remote Reporting Service server


How to enable communication with a Remote Reporting Service.

When you configure a Reporting Service server, to enable a connection between a content management server (client) and the remote Reporting Service server, there are some additional steps to follow.


These steps do not apply to Sitecore xDB Cloud Edition.

To configure a content management server to communicate with a remote Reporting Service server:

  1. On your content management server client, in the App_ Config folder, enable the following configuration files by removing .disabled from the file name:

    • Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Client.config

    • Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Client.MarketingAssets.config

    • Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.RemoteClient.config

  2. Under the <httpTransportFactory> node, change the default value of the desc parameter to the hostname of your Reporting Service server instance.

    For example:

           Sitecore.Analytics" singleInstance="true">
        <param desc="serviceUrl">http://reportingservice/</param>


You must ensure that the Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Server.config, Sitecore.Xdb.Remote.Server.MarketingAssets.config, and the Sitecore.PathAnalyzer.Services.RemoteServer.config files are enabled on your remote Reporting Service server.