Server configuration resources


A reference on how to use the server configuration spreadsheets.

When you configure Sitecore instances on separate, dedicated servers for improved scalability, there are several topics and downloadable resources that you can use to assist you in the configuration process.


This topic applies to Sitecore 8.1 and later and all available versions of the Config Enable Disable Excel spreadsheet.

The following topics contain recommendations, links to other useful content and step-by-step instructions to follow when you configure each of these server types:

For each Sitecore release and every update from Sitecore 8.1 and later, there is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download listing all the configuration files available in Sitecore. The configuration files listed in the spreadsheet are located in the Website\App_Config\Include folder. Some configuration files are located in separate folders for each feature. There is a link to the spreadsheet in each of the server configuration topics.

The spreadsheet specifies which files you need to enable or disable to configure each server type, such as content delivery or content management servers.

You can also filter the spreadsheet (for example, by search provider, configuration file, or module) to make it easier to configure the different component parts required in your Sitecore solution.

The following configuration spreadsheet versions are available on

Sitecore version

Spreadsheet name

Configuration file changes

8.1 update 3


See the section Release Information, Configuration file changes for details of changes made to the configuration files for each specific release.

8.2 initial release


Download the spreadsheet that lists of all the configuration files that you must enable or disable for each server type.


Take into account that additional configuration files may be added between updates. Refer to configuration file changes on the developer portal website.

You can filter the spreadsheet by application or module, by configuration file, and by search provider used:


You can filter by configuration file:


You can filter by search provider used, for example, to view the configuration files required for Solr, select Solr is used:



If you are using Windows File Explorer, you must ensure that file extensions are displayed. To display file extensions, in the File Explorer Options window, on the View tab, ensure that the Hide extensions for known file types check box is clear.