Clone catalog data

Current version: 9.0

This topic applies to Sitecore XC version 9.0.2 and later.

Sitecore XC supports multi-tenancy where multiple sites exist on a single instance of Sitecore. This is useful, for example, when multiple brands exist for a single company or multiple languages or locations for a single brand.

Since you can only associate one catalog with each site, catalog cloning allows you to use the information from the same catalog on multiple sites by cloning the catalog and associating a copy of the master catalog to each site.

When you create a clone of the master catalog, the cloned catalog:

  • is associated with the same Price Book, Promotion Book, and Inventory Set as the master catalog.

  • has the same categories and hierarchy as the master catalog.

  • links back to the list of sellable items in the master catalog. The sellable items contained in the cloned catalog are not duplicates. This means if you delete an item from the master catalog or from the cloned catalog, it is deleted from both.

  • preserves all the properties, components, and relationships of the category entities contained in the master catalog.

Each sellable item is assigned a unique path and identification (ID). This means you can change the characteristics of a sellable item in the cloned catalog without changing the characteristics of the sellable item in the master catalog.

When you clone a catalog, the cloning process replicates it in the same location as the master catalog. After you have cloned a catalog, you can assign it to a site in the Content Editor.

To clone a catalog:

  1. In the Postman Collections pane, expand the CatalogAPISamples collection.

  2. Open the Catalog - API folder and click on the Clone Catalog request. 

  3. Click on the Body tab and specify the names of the master catalog and the catalog clone, then click Send.

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