Create a custom Commerce Engine environment

Current version: 9.0

You can create a custom Commerce Engine environment if you do not want to use the Sitecore XC default environments.

To create a Commerce Engine environment:

  1. Make a copy of an existing environment JSON file (for example, Plugin.Habitat.CommerceAuthoring-1.0.0.json).

  2. Rename the file to reflect your custom environment name.

  3. Open the file and replace all instances of the old environment name (for example, Habitat) with the your custom environment name.

  4. Change the ArtifactStoreId parameter to a unique GUID.

  5. Make any required changes to the policy set and policy configuration, and save the file.

  6. Bootstrap the Commerce Engine to load the new environment into the Global database.

  7. Open the wwwroot\bootstrap\Global.json file for the Commerce Engine and add an entry for the new environment in the EnvironmentList component, to ensure the environment is visible in the Business Tools.

    Examples of policies in the Global.json file.
  8. Open IIS Manager, and restart the Commerce Engine site.

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