Commerce Views service

Current version: 9.0

The Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Views plugin provides a data-driven mechanism for servicing a dynamic business experience. Commerce Views provide a mechanism for narrowing or translating Commerce data from core entity storage into a dynamic API that can be directly leveraged by the business experience. The Commerce Engine uses the Commerce Views to service data to the Sitecore Business Tools user interface.

Typical model-view-controller (MVC) architectures have a view layer that translates complex internal storage artifacts into a simpler form, to be consumed by a user interface. In many cases, each individual client type (for example, the Commerce Business tools, a web or mobile client) has its own view layer where data is transformed into a viewable form.

In the Sitecore XC architecture, this view layer is provided on the server side, in the Commerce Engine, instead of the client side. This allows standard Commerce plugins to extend existing views and add new views.

Commerce views are also dynamic, which means they are progressively built up by plugins in a pipeline. You can develop custom Commerce Engine plugins that extend views without breaking the API.

Commerce views are also designed to feed directly into a dynamic data-driven business tool experience. You can activate, extend, or remove functionality in the Commerce Business Tools by developing custom plugins that extend on out-of-box plugins, without altering the default plugins or the source code of the business tools themselves. This approach dramatically improves upgradability.

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