Promotions service


An overview of functionality provided by Sitecore XC Promotions service plugin.

The Promotions service is provided by the Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Promotions plugin.

The Commerce Promotion Service provides the underlying infrastructure and functionality for defining, evaluating, and applying promotions to products, at defined levels of granularity.

A promotion defines a set of qualifications for awarding one or more benefits. Promotions can be configured to offer different types of benefits. For example: percentage off, specific amount off depending on the currency, free shipping, or access to a service. Promotions can be applied to a product, or an entire order. When a promotion is applied to the cart, the promotion can be calculated in real-time as part of the cart calculation.

Promotions are organized into promotion books. A promotion book represents a collection of individual promotions, which enables promotions to be stacked. A promotion book can apply to products in one or more catalogs, making the promotions available for particular customer segments.

Promotions capabilities include:

  • Flexible application – tie a promotion to a product, or a collection of products using tags.

  • Promotion Books – flexible application of promotions using promotion books.

  • Qualifications infrastructure – qualify for a promotion by rules-based expressions (for example, channel, date/time, catalog, shop, customer order history); apply multiple qualifications to a promotion.

  • Flexible application of benefits awarded by a promotion – award a benefit to the item or to another item, award via a shopping cart level adjustment, award an entitlement or action on entitlement, award a fee adjustment, or award a gift into a shopping cart.

  • Coupon management – promotions qualified using coupons, applied using public coupons (for example, multiuse, named coupons) or privately (for example, single use, single customer); allocate to specific uses in batches (for example, campaign mailings), and export to CSV for external marketing.

  • Real-time promotion calculation – calculate and present awards in a shopping cart.

  • Promotion authoring – manage promotions from a business tool, through an Odata service.

  • Centralized promotions storage – stored in a centralized repository, so that changes can be implemented without the need to synchronize data with other systems.

  • Transparency – the process for how a promotion is derived can be tracked and audited.