Universal Tracker Collection service

Current version: 9.1

The Universal Tracker Collection service collects live interaction data and stores that data temporarily in the Universal Tracker database.

Supported infrastructure

You can host the Universal Tracker Collection service on:

Refer to the Sitecore compatibility table for compatible versions.

Reference structure

The Universal Tracker Collection service has its place in the Sitecore reference structure. It can be referenced by other roles, and it can also reference other roles.

Illustration showing the Universal Tracker Collection service's place in the Sitecore reference structure.

Referenced by

The Universal Tracker Collection service is not referenced by other roles.


The Universal Tracker Collection service references the following roles:

Storage roles

Role name

Connection string name




Universal Tracker database



Connection string is located in the <root>\sitecore\Sitecore.Tracking.SqlServer\Config\config.xml configuration file.

Privacy and security

The Universal Tracker Collection service handles personal data in the following way:

  • Receives interactions and events over the network. Interactions may include a reference to a known contact identifier.

  • Writes interaction and event data to the Universal Tracker database.

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