Customer indexing

Current version: 9.1

Customer indexing enables searching on Commerce customer data. Every time a customer is created or updated, the Commerce Engine updates the CustomersIndex list, which in turn triggers an update to the Customer index (commerce_customrs_index). The Search service uses this index for customer look-ups performed from the business tools.

The following fields are stored in the Customer index:

  • customerid: unique identifier for the customer

  • email: customer’s email address

  • status: customer’s account status

  • firstname: customer’s first name

  • lastname: customer’s last name

  • datecreated: the date when the customer was added to the system

  • dateupdated: the date when the customer’s account was last updated

  • articfactstoreid: the ID for the environment where the customer was created

By default, the indexer runs every ten minutes.

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