Predefined Commerce Engine minions

Current version: 9.1

The Sitecore Commerce Engine defines and uses the following minions described in this section:


The NodeHeartBeatMinion is a management minion that allows the injection of business/dev-ops processes that must occur on a short-term, regular basis. It is set to run once per second, calling the INodeHeartBeatMinionPipeline.  

Index minions

The index minions perform indexing tasks on Commerce entities (orders, customers and catalog items).


The FullIndexMinion indexes all items a list. It runs on demand, calling the IPrepareFullIndexMinionPipeline and the IFullIndexMinionPipeline to perform indexing functions.


The IncrementalIndexMinion watches for new items that need to be updated in the index. It runs every 3 minutes and calls the IPrepareIncrementalIndexMinionPipeline and the IIncrementalIndexMinionPipeline


The DeleteIndexDocumentsMinion watches a list. It runs every 3 minutes, calling the IPrepareDeleteIndexDocumentsMinionPipeline and the IDeleteIndexDocumentsMinionPipeline

Other minions available out-of-the-box such as the DeletedCustomersIndex and the  DeletedCatalogItemsIndex  delete different entities lists from the search indexes.


The PurgeCartsMinion runs as a maintenance process that deletes abandoned or empty carts from the database, after they have become eligible for deletion based on a predefined threshold.

The PurgeCartsMinion watches a list of carts ("ListToWatch": "Carts") and runs every 24 hours ("WakeupInterval": "24:00:00").

The PurgeCartsPolicy determines the threshold (in number of days) after which empty or abandoned carts are deleted from the cart list. The following example shows the policy settings as defined in the sample Plugin.AdventureWorks.CommerceMinions.json file (packaged as part of the Sitecore.Commerce.Engine.SDK).

 "$type":"Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Carts.PurgeCartsPolicy, Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Carts",
 "AbandonedCartsThreshold": 14,
 "EmptyCartsThreshold": 2

Based on the above policy definition:

  • an abandoned cart becomes eligible for deletion after 14 days of inactivity.

  • an empty cart becomes eligible for deletion after 2 days of inactivity.

The PurgeCartsMinion calls the IPurgeCartsMinionPipeline .

Commerce Orders minions

Order process minions play a key role in the overall order process flow, moving orders from list to list, as they transition from the initial pending status, to the final order completed status.

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