Current version: 9.1

Sitecore.Services.Client provides a service layer on both the server and the client side of Sitecore applications that you use to develop data-driven applications.

Sitecore.Services.Client is configurable and extendable, and the framework and scaffolding it provides help you create the client-server communication in an application in a consistent way. Sitecore.Services.Client uses the ASP.NET Web API as a foundation.

The framework gives you convention over configuration: you do not have to configure your server side controller. You mark the controller with the [ServicesController] attribute and this gives you all the features. The framework also gives you a mechanism that lets clients gain information about service metadata. You can then use this information when you create subsequent calls to the service. In addition, the server side in general responds using standard HTTP response types.

Clients can use the server-side classes to:

  • Use SPEAK components.

  • Use client-side JavaScript.

  • Use the Restful API directly.

Sitecore.Services.Client provides two services:

  • ItemService: this service gives you access to regular Sitecore items.

  • EntityService: this service gives you access to business objects that you define.

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