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The xDB search index


An overview of the xDB search index and how to configure what data is included in the index.

The xDB index contains a subset of data from the xDB Collection database and is accessed when you use the xConnect Client API to search for contacts and interactions. The index is populated by the xConnect Search Indexer, which regularly polls the xDB Collection database for changes.


The xDB Processing role does not index contact and interaction data. This is a significant change from Sitecore 8.2 and earlier, where indexing was part of the processing pipeline.

Contact and interaction facets are automatically indexed by xConnect. This includes custom facets.

Facets or facet propreties decorated with the [DoNotIndex] attribute are never indexed. Facets or facet properties marked with [PIISensitive] are only indexed if indexing of PII sensitive data is enabled. If a facet is not indexed, it cannot be used in a search query.

You can enable indexing of anonymous contacts through configuration. The following rules apply when indexing of anonymous contacts is disabled:

  • If a contact becomes known, previous interactions are not automatically indexed.

  • If a contact becomes anonymous, previous interactions are not automatically removed from the index.

  • If a contact becomes known, the contact and its facets are added to the index.

  • If a contact becomes anonymous, it is not removed from the index.

Only IDs (such as contact and interaction IDs) and sync tokens are stored as well as indexed. Facets and other contact or interaction properties are indexed but not stored.