Sample console application

Current version: 9.2

Commerce services are exposed as OData services. An OData service provides typical REST-based functionality, allowing the service to respond to traditional REST queries. An OData service also provides rich metadata for the generation of a strongly typed proxy, which allows a client to establish connectivity with the service using a strongly typed client proxy. This helps improve maintainability by allowing strongly typed client development, which quickly identifies breaking changes.

To demonstrate this programming style, the Sitecore Experience Commerce software development kit (SDK) provides a fully functional set of examples in the Sitecore.Commerce.Sample.Console solution. You can open the sample solution in Visual Studio and run the solution end-to-end to exercise the complete solution. This includes exercising Pricing, Promotion, and Order solutions with samples of typical order scenarios.

When extending the solution, it is advised that you also tie into these console samples. You can modify a sample to remove any functionality that is not needed, or to customize for your own environment. This allows you to generate orders, for example, supporting multiple scenarios from day one. You can use the sample data provided and rapidly iterate to modify the solution for your own scenarios.

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