Commerce Interactions Cache

Current version: 9.3

The Commerce Interactions Cache is represented by the CommerceInteractionsCache class and is similar to the Interactions Cache. It is a calculated facet that stores information about a contact’s commerce interactions and events. The Commerce Interactions Cache is used for behavioral searches when the underlying search provider does not support joins, which is useful when performing segmentation. It is also useful as a caching mechanism when creating personalization rules for use on the storefront site. See also Create a facet merge handler.


The CommerceInteractionsCache is automatically created and updated at the session end event.

Configuring the Commerce Interactions Cache

The following configuration options are available in the \App_data\config\sitecore\Collection\sc.XConnect.Collection.Model.Commerce.Plugins.xml configuration file, located on the xConnect server role.

You must configure both of the following entries: IContactMergeHandler.CommerceInteractionsCacheHandler and ICalculatedFacetHandler.CommerceInteractionsCacheHandler.




Specifies the maximum number of interactions that xDB examines during cache rebuilds or updates.The default value is 42 interactions.


Specifies the maximum number of items in the cache for a given category, such as goals, page events, and so on.The default value is 50 entries.


Specifies the maximum period for interactions that xDB uses during cache rebuilds or updates. The default value is 30 days.


The Commerce Interactions Cache is used by the Segmentation Engine. Conditions that rely on interaction data that exceeds MaximumInteractionPeriod might not evaluate correctly. You must configure the interactions cache to suit your automation plan conditions. It is the IContactCommerceInteractionProvider that is used to read and return values from the Commerce Interactions Cache.

The Commerce Interaction Cache contains the following properties.




Contains a list of the last orders placed by the contact, ordered by order date and time.


Contains a list of the last carts abandoned by the contact.


Contains a list of the latest product categories viewed by the contact.


Contains a list of the latest products viewed by the contact.


Currently, due to limitations in Azure Search, the following three properties and two models are set to DoNotIndex. This means it is not be possible to query them through xConnect. If you are using SOLR, you can change the configuration and have them searchable.

  • CommerceInteractionsCache.AbandonedCarts

  • CommerceInteractionsCache.VisitedCategories

  • CommerceInteractionsCache.VisitedProducts

  • VisitedCategory

  • VisitedProduct

For more information, see Deploy a custom model.

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