Interactions cache

Current version: 9.3

The interactions cache represented by the InteractionsCache class. The interactions cache stores information about the contact’s interactions and events, and is used for behavioral search when then underlying search provider does not support joins.

Configuring the interactions cache

The following configuration options are defined in two locations in the \App_data\config\sitecore\Collection\sc.XConnect.Collection.Model.Plugins.xml configuration file. You must update the configuration values in both locations:

  • <IContactMergeHandler.InteractionsCacheHandler>

  • <ICalculatedFacetHandler.InteractionsCacheHandler>


The interactions cache is used heavily by the Marketing Automation Engine. Conditions that rely on interaction data that exceeds MaximumInteractionPeriod may not evaluate correctly. You must tune the interactions cache to suit your automation plan conditions.




The maximum number of items in the cache per category (area codes, business names, etc.).

The default value is 50 entries.


The maximum period for interactions that xDB uses during cache rebuilds or updates.

The default value is 30 days.


The maximum number of interactions to examine during cache rebuilds or updates.

The default value is 42 interactions.

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