Current version: 9.3

The Storefront site template provides you with a starting point for building B2C e-commerce solutions and comes with a range of functionality. When you install Sitecore Commerce with the SXA Storefront solution, you install functionality that enables you to set up the Storefront template site. However, the site itself has not yet been created in your instance of Sitecore.

To deploy the full Storefront template site with the Habitat catalog, create a tenant and site with all the commerce features. You can then modify and customize the storefront for your own use, or you can use it as a best-practice reference implementation. 

Alternatively, you can choose to install the commerce renderings for SXA without the other commerce site features, and then use the renderings to build your own commerce site from scratch. To install the commerce renderings without installing the full storefront site template, ensure the Commerce Storefront Template check box is not selected when you create a new site.


When you create a new commerce site, you must select a theme.

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