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Sitecore Cortex Reporting Foundation


You use the Sitecore Cortex Reporting Foundation to store and query reporting data.

The Sitecore Cortex™ Reporting Foundation provides a service for storing and querying reporting data that uses data warehouses and the star schema date warehousing design.  

There are two data types available, facts and dimensions:

  • Facts

    A fact data type is an object that holds data that correspond to a particular business process. Each object represents an event associated with the process and it contains the measurement data that are associated with this event. The information held by the fact data type is typically numeric data and relations to different dimensions.

    For example: An organization has a Product Sales fact. This fact holds numeric measurements that are related to the purchasing business process, such as revenue, number of items, taxes paid, discounts, and more.  It also holds relations to various dimensions,  such as product, store, country, financial quarter, date, payment method, and more.

  • Dimensions

    A dimension data type is an object that is involved in a business process and is related to an event. For example,  for the Product Sales fact mentioned previously, the dimensions Product and Store are related to the purchase event. A dimension object typically contains details about the object.

    For example: The Product dimension contains attributes such as Product ID, Name, Category, Color, and more.