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Change the schedule for the IDTable cleanup task for CMP


How to change the interval for the task that cleans unnecessary CMP content identifier entries from the Sitecore Master database.

When the CMP connector synchronizes data, it temporarily stores identifiers of all the synchronized content entities in the Sitecore Master database. If you navigate to the Master database, in the IDTable table, you can see these entries with the prefix CONN_CMP_ENTITY_IDENTIFIER.

Sitecore has a scheduled agent that removes these cached identifiers. By default, the agent runs every four hours.

To set a different time interval for the agent:

  1. Open the [Sitecore Instance]/App_Config/Modules/Sitecore.Connector.CMP/Sitecore.Connector.CMP.config file.

  2. Change the interval setting to the value you want. The interval format is hh:mm:ss (hours:minutes:seconds). In the following example, interval="08:00:00" means the agent task runs every eight hours.

        <agent type="Sitecore.Connector.CMP.Tasks.CleanupIDTableEntries, Sitecore.Connector.CMP" method="Run" interval="08:00:00" />