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Change the taxonomy provider for CMP


How to change the default taxonomy provider for CMP in the Sitecore Connect for Content Hub connector

When you set up the retrieval of taxonomy fields from any content in Sitecore Content Hub, and synchronize the field values to the tag repositories in Sitecore, by default, Sitecore stores the taxonomy in /sitecore/System/Settings/Buckets/CachedItemTaxonomyProvider:

Default taxonomy provider in the content tree

If you have created a custom taxonomy provider, you can store the taxonomy there instead of in the default provider.

To use a custom taxonomy provider:

  1. On your Sitecore instance, open the [your Sitecore Instance]\App_Config\Modules\Sitecore.Connector.CMP\ Sitecore.Connector.CMP.config file.

  2. Change the Sitecore.DefaultTaxonomyProvider setting to the name of your custom taxonomy provider. For example:

    <setting name="Sitecore.DefaultTaxonomyProvider" value="MyCustomTaxonomyProvider" />


    Do not leave the Sitecore.DefaultTaxonomyProvider setting empty.

  3. Save the config file.