Build a dedicated email dispatch server with an asset image


How to build and run DDS for Sitecore EXM via an asset image.

You can use a pre-made asset image to build and run a dedicated email dispatch server (DDS). The pre-made asset image already contains various configurations out of the box. This means that you do not have to perform any configuration like when you configure DDS on-prem.

To use a pre-made asset image:

  1. Go to the Module Reference in the Sitecore documentation, scroll to the EXM DDS section, and copy the path under Image repository. Keep the page open, because you will need it later.

  2. Use the Image repository path from the Module Reference page to pull the DDS asset image.

  3. Use the Dockerfile instructions from the Module Reference page to build your DDS image.

  4. Use the Sitecore container Github page to deploy and run your own DDS image.


As part of the standard configurations, the asset image also contains configurations for an SMTP server. If you want to change the default SMTP configuration, you must use the .ENV files from the Github page.