The service messages

Current version: 10.4

A service email campaign is one where an email message is sent to all recipients regardless of whether they are part of an opt-out. This is useful, for example, when you want to send a subscription confirmation to contacts who sign up for a newsletter or to send a Forgot Password email message.

You can use the default service messages, you can customize them, or you can replace them with your own. The service messages are stored in the manager root.

Content Editor Email node showing the Service Messages folder.

The default service messages

The default service messages are:

Subscription confirmation

This confirmation message is for when you want the subscriber to confirm the subscription. If you use the EXM Client API for subscriptions, you can specify that the contact must confirm the subscription.

Setting name

Setting value


Service Messages/Self-Service Subscription/Subscription Confirmation

The token used in this confirmation message is:

  • $link$ is replaced by the confirmation link.

Subscription notification

When a contact subscribes to a list and, if selected, confirms their subscription, EXM uses the EXM API to send a subscription notification.

Setting name

Setting value


Service Messages/Self-Service Subscription/Subscription Notification

Unsubscribe notification

When a contact unsubscribes from a list, EXM sends the unsubscribe notification to the contact. This only applies for contacts in the contact lists that are included in the email campaign. EXM does not send a notification if the contact is added to the global opt-out list.

Setting name

Setting value


Service Messages/Self-Service Subscription/Unsubscribe Notification

The token used in this notification message is:

  • $ListName$ is replaced by the name of the list the contact was subscribed to.

Dispatch completed

When you create an email campaign, on the Delivery tab, you have the option to notify one or more email addresses when the dispatch has completed. This is the service message that EXM sends to the specified email addresses when the dispatch has completed.

Setting name

Setting value


Service Messages/Status Messages/Dispatch Completed

The tokens used in this message are:

  • $message$ is replaced by the name of the email campaign.

  • $status$ is replaced with the status of the email campaign, for example, Completed.

  • $sent$ is replaced by the number of recipients.

  • $failed$ is replaced by the number of failed recipients.

Triggered notification

When an automated email campaign is activated or deactivated, EXM sends a notification to the email addresses that are specified in the notification field on the Delivery tab.

Setting name

Setting value


Service Messages/Status Messages/Automated Notification

The tokens used in this notification are:

  • $message$ is replaced by the name of the email campaign.

  • $status$ is replaced by the status of the email campaign, for example Completed.

Customize the service messages

In the App_Config\Sitecore\EmailExperience\Sitecore.EmailExperience.ContentManagement.config file, you can:

  • Edit the default service message.

  • Replace a service message with your own. If you replace a message, ensure that the path to the message is relative to the manager root.

  • Remove a service message. For example, if you never want to use the Unsubscribe notification again, you can remove the setting value for that notification in the configuration file.


You can use the custom tokens that are used in the service messages in your own custom service messages.

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