Publish, run, and test the Getting Started template projects

Current version: 19.x

When you use the Getting Started template, you use Content Editor to modify and publish your content and Visual Studio to modify and publish your code.

To publish the Platform project:

  1. in Content Editor, on the Publish tab, below the Publish icon, click the black arrow (Illustration showing the black arrow on the Publish icon.) and click Publish site.

  2. In the Publish Site window, select Smart publish and click Publish.

The RenderingHost project uses dotnet watch , which automatically compiles and deploys all changes to the myproject_rendering_1 container. You can visit the rendering host page at https://www.myproject.localhost/, and you can see the rendering host log by clicking the container in Docker Dashboard.


You can also see the rendering host log by running commands from the MyProject folder. Depending on which version of Docker you are using, you can run one of the following commands:

  • docker-compose logs -f <rendering-app-service-name>.

  • For Docker Compose V2 or later, docker compose logs -f <rendering-app-service-name>.

  • docker logs -f <container-name>.

For more information about Docker commands, refer to the official Docker CLI documentation.

To run the RenderingHost project as a local debug application:

  • In Visual Studio, in Solution Explorer, right-click the RenderingHost project and click Debug, Start new instance.

    Visual Studio opens a browser tab with the rendering host page and a console window with the rendering host log.

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